Demographic crises, liveable territories and inclusion
Social & Territorial perspectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy

The Symbios Project is an opportunity to meet, to exchange and to learn about the challenges of demographic change and its consequences for the welfare and the social inclusion, focussing both in people and vulnerable territories. The project aims at bringing together different voices, perspectives and points of view: universities and experts; local communities and associations; entrepreneurs, Public Authorities and other stakeholders; experiences from Galicia and from other affected European regions.

Symbios essencials

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The project sprouts as an open endeavour, ready to receive any positive input from anyone on how to deal with the consequences of the demographic crises. Promoted and coordinated by Xunta de Galicia, the Symbios transnational network joins together university research institutes; regional authorities; ONG’s networks and professional organizations.

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What does Symbios do?

The key methods in Symbios are networking and exchange. Facing up to a dramatic change in the European human map and, subsequently, to a need of making peoples’ livesand territories sustainable and liveable for all generations, needs to be done by learning together and joining efforts in formulating innovative solutions. In Symbios there are open fora and consultations; search,identifications, assessment and exchange of practices; research and dissemination; mutual learning; transnational seminars.

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