“Ellinkulma”, day active centre in North Karelia (Finland)

This centre is a meeting point amongst older persons, enterprises , professionals and NGOs, where is to demonstrate good practices related to the self-care, living and housing of ageing people and develop barrier-free housing and living environments.

imaxen Ellinkulma 1

It’s built up in the centre of the municipality of Juuka, with about 5.600 inhabitants, being an aged area (more than 26% ar over 65 y.o.), with low rural density. The centre’s main objective is to strengthen elder people ability to take care of themselves and to network with other actors in this field in order to be able to olive at home as long as possible.

imaxen Ellinkulma 2

More info in http://www.juuka.fi/fi/palvelut/sosiaalipalvelut/vanhusten-palvelut/ikaosaamiskeskus-ellinkulma

Key questions:
  • At what extent, smart technology solutions are the answer to elderly quality of life in sparsley populated areas?
  • How to ensure a better use of ITC to the elderly?
  • Is silver economy an opportunity for companies in rural areas?