AFAOR, a cooperative response to Alzheimer's

AFAOR is a private association focused on raising conscience and awareness, informing, promoting, encouraging new programs and services in Ourense, to improve the quality of life of people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as the quality of life of their families, through understanding and a positive attitude.

imaxen AFAOR

In AFAOR's development, Cooperative of Ribeiro was one of the driving forces and the wine-producing company's social commitment is still continuing. In 2013, the launching of Lua Jazz took place. It consisted of 468 unique bottles of five years aged Brut Nature and a solidarity's goal: to raise funds for the project “Viña Costeira Rural Alzheimer”, managed by AFAOR

Main issues to be discussed:
  • Cooperative’s role in accordance to one of their identity features: the concern for the local community
  • The provision of services to patients and their families, by incorporating the caring perspective
  • The change in attitude and response towards ALzheimer's