Arqueixal, tradition has economic viability

imaxen arqueixal

Granxa Arqueixal is an economic initiative that integrates: an ecological dairy farm of 30 hectares in which cheese, yoghurt, and milk are produced following traditional methods, an agrotourism activity, and initiatives to recover the cultural rural heritage.

Its main feature is its commitment to ecological agriculture, which is adapted to the territory, to the traditional landscape, and to the smallholding structure of the field..

Arqueixal supports itself in four main pillars:

  • Milk production, with 35 cows in 30 hectares of land, some hectares in property and others rented.
  • Transformation of milk products based in the production of different types of cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products.
  • Active agrotourism, in which using the group of houses belonging to the initiative is fundamental.
  • Culture of awareness based in tradition, by promoting activities such as “Son da Aldea”, the flax cycle, “as Mallas” (a traditional activity to separate grain from chaff)...


Main issues to be discussed:
  • Sustainable development based on endogenous resources in opposition to dimensioning, mechanization, and external resources.
  • Diversification of activities and put into value rural patrimony.