Asociación Antonio Gandoy, commitment to education

imaxen Asociación Antonio Gandoy

The “asociación socio-educativa Antonio Gandoy” (socio-educational association Antonio Gandoy) is created in February 2013, by members of the former “Preescolar na Casa” who want to preserve its legacy: the educational services offered to families in rural areas, as well as a way of life, in which the professional performance was linked to a personal commitment.

The association's aim is to help families to improve their educational practice, by incorporating this integral conception and by trying to offer the best development possibilities to every boy and girl, in order that living in a rural area does not imply to suffer discrimination.


Main issues to be discussed:
  • Educational services adapted to territorial inclusion, in a context of shrinking and scattered territory
  • The recovering of a previous program following a stage-management approach of their work