Aurora dos Camiños: Participation and Community

Aurora dos camiños is a project which is inspired by the Camiño de Santiago (St. Jame's Way). It was founded as an associated worked cooperative in 2011, in the parish of S San Martín de Ozón, in Muxía Council. It offers a hosting service for pilgrims.

In an estate rented to the Archdiocese, where the remains of a monastery from the 12th Century, and the rectory house can still be found, there exists a rehabilitation and recovering process in which partners, neighbours and people who want to get to know the project participate.

Imaxen Aurora dos camiños

Partners not only want to offer a place for pilgrims to rest, they offer the opportunity to participate in a community experience based on the exchange of personal and professional experiences.

Thematic activities and knowledge workshops are organised, in addition to the rehabilitation of cultural interest goods, historical recreations, and organic agricultural activities.