Campa da Braña, a way of life on the mountain

It is a tourist establishment, with lodging, restaurant-bar and hostel, located on the mountain, on the Serra dos Ancares.

The fact of being run by people who come from the urban world is reflected in the type of service they provide: the establishment responds to the expectation of going to the mountain to disconnect and stay in touch with nature.

The fact of being foreigners causes that to carry forward such an initiative becomes harder, especially because they don't count on networks of family support, and also because it takes time to integrate the initiative into the community.

imaxen campabranha

The initiative had a positive impact on recruiting and maintaining population roots in an area in deep crisis of depopulation. The economic impact goes beyond, because it offers a restoration based on local product that contributes to support other initiatives in the area.


CampaBranha from SymbiosProyect on Vimeo.

Pousada na monaña dos Ancares.

Main issues to be discussed:
  • The prospect of the potential sites seen from neorrurality
  • Economic activity from the appreciation of the natural heritage