Casa Romualdo, experience and reception in Ribeira Sacra

It is the life project of a family from the city of Vigo who decides to move to a village in the Ribeira Sacra. It influences a change of values and self-esteem related to rural identity.

In the family's surrounding environment, the mainstream opinion was that the future is in the city, therefore, this experience breaks down this general idea. An example of this change can be taken from the house rehabilitation: contractors and construction builders strongly advise to demolish the house and rebuild it. Nevertheless, they now show people how the house was rehabilitated.

imaxen casa romualdo

In rural tourism, the focus is not in business, but in an experience and in a welcoming land (Galicia, the Ribeira Sacra); the house functions as a gate that connects visitors to the land. It represents a way of life people want to know.

We are a rural development element for people in our environment. More than six thousand people stayed in the house, generating income and life expectations for many people. As an experience, it transmits that there is a future outside the village, but there is a future also here.

Main issues to be discussed
  • The Promotion of cultural patrimony
  • The provision of differentiated tourist services and the necessity to diversify