CDR Ancares, local community's leading role

imaxen CDR Ancares

Ancares CDR's goal is to be on the side of people and work in obtaining a better life quality. In addition, it also aims not to let this area “die”. In order to avoid so, we seek for economic activity sources. It is an integral project which covers social, economic, and educational aspects, etc. It is integral, as it emerged from the community, and is going to be carried out by the community.

In addition to the promotion of activities that generate economic wealth, CDR supports programs aimed for women, childhood, and, in collaboration with “Cáritas”, provides settlement assisting programs for the elderly. What differentiates this service is its respect towards the will of the elderly

Needs defined by the elderly are attended: for them it might be more needed to chop wood than to clean the window's glass; or do part of gardening work that requires more physical strength so that they can still do the one that requires less and keep doing this activity, just as two examples.

Moreover, he person who offers this support is chosen by the elderly, not assigned to them. It is someone they can trust, usually neighbours that they already know and have a good relationship with.


CDR Os Ancares, Proxecto Symbios from SymbiosProyect on Vimeo.

Main issues to be discussed:
  • The technical facilitator role of the endogenous population.
  • The provision of services adapted to the people, and designed according to the necessities defined by them.