CDR Portas Abertas, a transformation in the community bonds

imaxen Asociación Portas Abertas

Portas Abertas' CDR is an association which was set up in 1990 in the region of Verín, and integrated in COCEDER. It undertakes an integral development program in rural areas, and it is characterised by its integrity, proximity, prevention, whole-coverage, and transparency.

Its working areas are social services (providing different inclusion programs), economic development and employment generation, environment, and equality. It promotes different programs aimed to every social group. It is someone that they can trust, usually neighbours that they already know and have a good relationship with.

Rural identity is one of the aspects that Portas Abertas' CDR works on. The association values it and works on its conservation. It encourages the recovering of the community bonds and relations. This is carried out with new ways of volunteering commitment, in a context of a deep change in which there is a shrinking in rural population, and childhood and youth concentrate in the main town of the region.


Main issues to be discussed:
  • Technical role as a provider of endogenous answers
  • Provision of services adapted to people, in accordance with their needs
  • Decline and transformation of the rural community bonds