Coordinating and activating valuable, if underused, endogenous tourist resources to fight the crises in rural areas

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Pilgrim Paths Day 2014

Knockmealdown Active is a group that was formed in 2011 with representatives from the communities and villages that border the north-facing slopes of the Knockmealdown Mountains in County Tipperary, Ireland.

Its aim is to establish and promote the area as a sustainable tourist destination. From hill-walking, angling, cycling, fine restaurants, traditional pubs, traditional music and dance, castles, gardens, historic cemeteries and a host of archaeological sites and magnificent scenery, this area has it all – all that was needed to be done was to let people know about it.

In part, due to the collapse of the ‘Celtic Tiger’, this area, similar to many other Irish rural areas, has witnessed a decline in its population, especially in that cohort of young, well-educated, active young people who have moved to larger urban centres or emigrated to places like Australia or Canada.

The initiative undertaken by Knockmealdown Active is just one small attempt to use the local natural and cultural resources of the area to try and halt the decline in its own area of operation.

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Key questions:
  • How to activate “win win” strategies by local cooperation
  • How to convince ourselves –our rural neighbours- about our endogenous potential