Granxa Familiar (Family farm) is a project aimed at developing the Galician rural milieu both socio-economically and culturally in order to appreciate the quality of life and rural culture, to create communication links between the rural and urban world, to emphasize the importance of the traditional self-supply production market of Galician family farms, and to promote the spread of new technologies as a social intervention tool against the phenomenon of social and territorial exclusion known as the "Digital Divide".

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The objective is to boost social, economic and cultural development in the Galician rural environment. It's is our aim to bring about the recovery of historical memory and the appreciation of local rural culture in the context of the information society. For that purpose,the architecture of has been planned, thus developing the creation of a virtual community focused on boosting commercial transactions and the possibilities for buying and selling traditional self-supply products that exist in the rural environment.

Granxa Familiar is hoping to promote the project globally across the Internet by promoting the use and spread of ICTs (information and communication technologies) as tools and commercial channels for agricultural products, equally well-known among rural and urban communities, as well as information and learning channels.

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Key questions for debate
  • Potential of new ITC technologies to enhance marketing possibilities and quality of life in declining territories
  • New chances of labour inclusion in rural communities: potential of quality agriculture in times of massive unemployment.
  • Stereotypes on rural life