Horsal, embarking on vegetable gardening with the best support

Horsal agricultural cooperative is the first Galician horticultural producer. It was created in 1986, and it has more than 100 partners. It is located in Cambados, but its activities cover other Galician regions.

imaxen Horsal

Production volume is an important factor to improve the development of its commercializing activities. Therefore, to increment that volume, Horsal started a campaign to promote vegetable farming activities for the unemployed.

Horsal offers advice to start-up vegetable gardening in a direct way (to interested people) or in a collaborative way (to intermediary entities). In addition, Horsal carries out product commercialisation


Main issues to be discussed
  • Which type of supports are better to embark in vegetable gardening? In this case, it provides product commercialization, as well as technical support.
  • The success of new agrarian initiatives is dependent on peoples believe in their project, as well as their identification with the work they carry out.