Monte Cabalar, recovery of the mountain wealth, through traditional uses and cooperative organization

Monte Cabalar joined 3,600 properties comprising more than 1,000 owners in a farm in extensive exploitation with over 700 hectares of forest in the parishes (Galician districts) of A Somoza, Tabeirós, Nigoi, Arca and Souto (A Estrada municipality) in order to intervene on abandonment and smallholdings.

imaxen Monte Cabalar,

The social process generated from March 2006 culminated in the establishment of a cooperative exploitation of communal land, with the participation of over 360 members, and that has as activity the forest exploitation and pasture use under a cooperative formula.

The direct impact on employment was important until 2010 keeping eight jobs that were reduced to two today. It was also an example for other initiatives in the area: they were created in recent years, 13 small farms in extensive, managing abandoned farmland belonging to different neighbors.

Its impact goes beyond local and Mount Cabalar is a reference to other territories, contributing to the creation and dissemination of extensive farming culture dissemination, land and properties management, and the cooperative model. To have an alternative to abandonment of the mountain means to create wealth and curb environmental degradation that has its maximum expression in the fire.


Main issues to be discussed:
  • Land custody and recovery of traditional uses
  • Cooperative management model, compatible with the maintenance of land micro-ownership