The Neighbourhood of tomorrow.Designing and building the sustainability for the futurein Limburg (The Netherlands)

imaxen cabeceira web The Neighbourhood of tomorrow

debuxo vivendaThe purpose of the Project is to create an exciting environment for the transition to a sustainable built environment and sustainable energy provision. Educational institutions, researchers, businesses, and public authorities join together in this project, developed at Harleen, which was for a long time a centre for the coal mining industry in the Netherlands and which is facing today a deep demographic challenge. Avantis is the place where The District of Tomorrow is actually being created.

This innovative programme, started in 2006, involves designing, studying and testing sustainable technologies so that they can be utilised “tomorrow” in new neighbourhoods and buildings. Up to 2013 four innovative buildings will be constructed in this cross-border business park. Each building willhave a different theme.

The Projects vision implies the idea that over a period of some thirty years the neighbourhood will be transformed into one which is environmentally neutral, with zero impact, zero energy, zero materials, zerowater, zero land, and zero air.

Key questions for debate
  • Alternative strategies in depopulated/degraded areas
  • The deconstruction and re-construction -in a completely innovative way- as a strategy to generate new activity and attract new inhabitants.