Rede de Escolas na Nube (Network of Schools in the Cloud)

Group Rural Centres are a group of rural school (former one-room schools) with students of the second cycle of pre-primary education and, in some cases, first cycle of primary school.

imaxen Escolas na Nube

Thanks to the computer application of the School in the Cloud, GRC can have a collaboration area and services online for students of different ages, teachers and family. The application works with bad quality internet connections and with different electronic devices to access internet. Its objectives are:

  • To favour work coordination and collaboration between GRC teachers.
  • To integrate geographically isolated areas and to encourage family's participation in education.
  • To make visible school activities and to promote collaboration culture.
  • To make rural children acquire technological abilities.
  • To increase the level of contact and group work among children of the same GRC school, by sharing resources and activities.
  • To offer exercises and accessible contents through the Internet which can be used as an educational support at home.


Main issues to be discussed
  • New technologies as a tool in the building of the community in scattered areas
  • Strengthening of GRC educational model
  • Technological designs adapted to people and to a lack in technological resources