Ribeiro wine producers’ cooperative takes care of their Alzheimer patients

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Traditionally Alzheimer disease have been hidden in some rural communities and, at most, considered as a domestic issue, another difficult challenge for the ladies to deal with. Those ladies usually took the whole responsibility, together with the rest of tasks they were already entrusted with, with no proper training, but an extra amount of workload and solitude.

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That overwhelming, tiring situationis faced by some organizations. The association AFACOR took the challenge of decentralizing services and made them accessible to some rural community. They give support to the caregivers and promote therapies, training and other activities.

In this particular case, a Galician wine producer's organization initiated a programme to face the problems affecting families with some Alzheimer patients at home. This cooperative makes possible, at the same time, a living opportunity for small family owned vineyards. As a result the Cooperative is not only providing actual means of live to rural families, but also integrating social support to their needs.

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Key questions for debate
  • The scope of social economy in rural areas: production and corporate social responsibility
  • Public and no-public social services: complementarity, synergies, sustainability
  • Care at home: proximity, user's decision, gender issue (Who cares for the caretaker?)