Rural resettlement in Ireland

The objective of this initiative is the relocation of urban residents to rural settlements. It targets generally unemployed families from highly congested and marginalised urban communities (mainly from Dublin). Candidate families are assessed so as to ensure low failure rates. For instance, they are asked to be proactive in job seeking in the target locations. They offer help to locate and pay the rent of houses in rural areas.

image Rural resettlement in Ireland

One of the significant groups with which they promoted the resettlement of population in the countryside are the migrant families, trying to mitigate the effects of its concentration in urban "ghettos".

It is an initiative bottom-up, in charge of a non governmental organization founded in 1990. So far about 700 families were rural, with a success rate higher than 80%.

The main issues for discussion:
  • The unused potential of rural communities for social & labour inclusion
  • The strength of bottom-up initiatives
  • The chances to minimize the territorial imbalance with initiatives “against the tide”